Thárros CYCC

Thárros Child & Youth Care Centre in Hankey, Eastern Cape, is a temporary home for babies and children under 12 that have been removed a traumatic or dangerous environments. 10% of all proceeds from Jeffrey’s Bay Adventures goes to Thárros CYCC.

Thárros Vision

To provide a happy, loving, secure and wholesome home to children who have been removed from traumatic or dangerous environments and wherever possible to support them on their journey towards reunification with their family.

Thárros Mission

  • To nurture children with love and genuineness.
  • To protect children by putting their best interest into every step of their journey.
  • To be an instrument in children’s emotional and spiritual healing.
  • To highlight and develop the skills, talents and abilities of each child.
  • To educate children through developmental programmes and sport activities.
  • To develop a team of adults who are equipped to nurture children in the spirit of Thárros (or according to the ethos of Thárros).